Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Annual Labor Day Trek

We made our annual trek to Colorado for Labor Day again this year. Our time there wouldn't be complete without . . .

Lots of good food! (Matt making homemade fries)

Crazy, chaotic mealtimes,

Watching the BYU game on a sheet,

Playing with cousins, (Oakley, Addi, and Livvy)

Catching crawdads, (BFFs Addi, and Livvy)


Matt and Dad

Swimming, (Logan, Carter, Taylor, and Stacy)

Boating, and of course capsizing a couple of times, (Jensen, Addi, Livvy, Oakley, and Carter)

(Addi, Oakley, and Livvy)

Fishing, (Oakley)

Riding horses, (Addi, Jensen, and Oakley)

And fireworks!

It was another weekend of great memories! Can't wait for next year!

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