Friday, June 27, 2008

Summer sports

Jensen played softball again this summer. She is definitely our athlete. She seems to be a natural at everything she does. This season was not nearly as much fun as last year however. Last year her team went to state softball undefeated. They lost two games at state but still took 3rd place. This year they ended up only winning three games and one of those was by forfeit because the other team didn't have enough players show up. They did win their last game though and they played AWESOME! I really wish they could have played that well all season and they would have won a lot more games. It was fun to end the season with a win though.

Oakley also got to play baseball for the first time this summer. Actually he played Rookie ball. The first four times they did different drills teaching how to hit, catch, and field the ball. The last four times they had t-ball games. It was pretty funny to watch because most of they didn't have a clue what to do when. They had to be told to run to first base after they hit the ball and where to throw the ball when they were outfield. He had a lot of fun playing though and can't wait for next year.

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