Sunday, December 21, 2008

Las Vegas Bowl

BYU made it to the Las Vegas Bowl again this year and Matt and I decided to go. We have some friends, Diana and Chris Erb, who live there so on Friday afternoon we headed down to their house. We took everyone but Kolton (who is at the age where he doesn't want to do things with the family). On Saturday we went and met my mom,dad and Josh, Stacy and Taylor, Deco and Kera, and Jeremy Redd who were also going to the game, at the MGM Grand to see the lions.
Looking for lions.

Shhhh! They're sleeping.

After the lions we went to Mandalay Bay to the Shark Reef.
Touching the sting rays.

One of the cool fish we saw.

Beautiful jellyfish (which are actually not fish, but are made up of 96% water, they are invertebrates that have no eyes, no ears, and no brain, huh, who knew?).

We had a hard time getting any good pictures of the sharks because they swam past us too fast but they were the coolest part.
After we were done at the Shark Reef we took the kids back to the Erbs house and got ready for the game. We dressed really warm since all the men that went to the game last year froze.
We had great seats thanks to Chris and Diana. We sat on the third row right on the side of the north end zone. We sat right in the middle of Matt Ah You's friends and family. We forgot our camera so I don't have any pictures right now but at half time I went and borrowed Stacy's camera. When she emails me the pictures I took I'll add them.
BYU lost so it wasn't a fun game but one cool thing happened. While I was getting the camera from Stacy, Matt ran into a friend, Mark Hodge, that we lived by in Orem. We hadn't seen them for years. We moved to Montana and they moved to St. George and we lost touch. It was great seeing him again and getting phone #'s and emails so I guess the trip was worth it even though BYU lost.
Kolton , Alexi, Jensen, and I are all in the ward choir and were singing in church today so we headed home after the game. We got home at 4:00 this morning, YAWN. We had church at 9:00 a.m. so we were all pretty tired. Luckily I was able to take a long nap after church and get caught up on some sleep.
Thanks Chris and Diana for putting up with us this weekend and for getting us great tickets!

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Nan said...

Looks like you didn't need a blog maid after all. It sounds like Vegas was more fun before the game. Oh, BYU I had such high hopes for you this year. Oh well. The Polar Express looks like fun, too. We did 2 years ago in Durango.