Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas break

Okay, so I got way behind on my blog again so I'm just going to do one long post of what we did over Christmas break. On Tuesday, Dec. 23 our neighbors invited us to go on a hay ride with several other ward members and go caroling. It was really cold but a lot of fun.

Oakley, Addi, and I cuddling to keep warm.

The trailer was even decked out with Christmas lights!

After we were done caroling we went to one of the ward members houses for chili and hot chocolate. We ate in the workshop out behind their house.

They had a wood burning stove that everyone crowded around to keep warm.

Addi enjoying her hot chocolate.

The next night was Christmas Eve. We took the kids to the movie Bolt and then went to Winger's for dinner. When we got home the kids each got to open a present from Grandpa and Grandma Lyman.

They all got some new jammies!

Then we had a surprise visitor. Santa stopped in for a quick visit and gave the kids a candy cane to tide them over until morning. We were all relieved to see him because we didn't know if he knew we were home this year. We went to Blanding for Christmas for the last three years and were afraid he would leave our presents there again.
On Christmas morning we all met in mom's and dad's room to read the Christmas story in the scriptures and say family prayers. Then we made our way downstairs to see if Santa had made it back after we went to bed.

He did and it seems he enjoyed the chocolate milk and cookies we left him.

After we were done opening presents we spent a lazy day at home enjoying our new stuff.

Alexi and Jensen got a new game for the Wii called Outdoor Challenge. It was hilarious to watch them play it.

Later in the evening we went for a drive and went to see Christmas lights. When we got back home we made hot chocolate and popcorn and watched a movie. It was a great relaxing day but we all agreed it wasn't nearly as much fun as when we go down to Blanding. We all voted to go back down next year.

We had a lot of snow during Christmas break and the kids had a great time playing outside. We had some huge icicles hanging off our roof and Matt knocked some down for the kids to play with. Matt also got the four wheelers out a couple of times and hooked sleds to the back and pulled them around in the snow. They all loved it!

This icicle was almost as big as Oakley.

Addi found one that was a little smaller.

Before Christmas when we asked Addi what she wanted for Christmas all she ever said was, "A princess umbrella." After Christmas she kept asking me when it would rain so she could use it. She took it outside to play with it even though it wasn't even snowing at the time.

On Tues. Dec. 30 we had our Christmas party with my family. Everyone was there except for Jeremy Redd (can you believe he used the excuse that he had to work?! Party pooper). Aunt Maureen was with my mom and dad so I guess she was a proxy for Jeremy.

After we had a lot of good food to eat we got to open more presents!

Grandpa helping baby Scout open her present.

By New Year's Eve the kids were pretty worn out because they stayed up late every night. It finally caught up with Oakley and he fell asleep at about 6:00. He had a good nap and then woke up and stayed up with us until midnight to ring in the New Year. We had our neighbor's, the Souths over. We made pizza and breadsticks and Alfredo dipping sauce, YUM! Then we played games. It was a lot of fun. They even brought their dog, Puga to play with Oreo and he loved it. I forgot to get my camera out so the only picture I have of New Year's Eve is Oakley sleeping.
On New Year's day Matt's Uncle Gary and Aunt Sandee and their boys came down from Montana. Their son Shawn is going to BYU this semester. They stayed with us for a couple of days. We had so much fun visiting with them. Of course I forgot to get my camera out again. I did take this one picture of Oakley and Addi on a stuffed deer at Cabela's on Friday while we were there with Gary and Sandee:)

All in all we had a great Christmas break but I'm sad it's over. I know most parents are ready for their kids to go back to school but I love being able to sleep in and now I'm going to have to start getting up again in the morning:(

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