Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Christmas 2010

Does anyone else feel like they blog about Christmas every few weeks? I can't believe how fast it comes around but we had another wonderful Christmas. Matt was the Activities Chairperson for our ward so he was in charge of the ward Christmas party.
Here's our cute primary kids acting out the Nativity and singing a song.

Matt asked the Payson High Chamber singers to sing for the Christmas party.
I only got a good picture of the guys, the rest were all blurry but the girls were there too.

Santa even made a visit.

We headed down to Blanding again this year. On the 23rd we had a Christmas party with my dad's side of the family. Of course we had good food, singing, and lots of laughter.

Kolton and I sang again this year.

And we played the present game.

This ended up being our last Christmas with Grandma Clessa. Of course none of us knew it would be but now I'm so grateful we decided to spend Christmas in Blanding.

Christmas Eve morning we went to the Stake Center and had a Zumba class with family and friends.
A blurry picture of me teaching.

After Zumba Matt, Jensen, Oakley, Addi, Jeremy, Kristi, Camryn, Carter, Logan, and my dad went hiking at Natural Bridges.
Kristi, Carter, Logan, Oakley, Addi, Jensen, Camryn, and Jeremy.

Addi, Jensen, and Oakley

Dad, Camryn, Logan, Jeremy, Carter, Jensen, Addi, and Oakley




That night we had a party with my mom's family. More good food, singing, and laughter.
Kolton opened a pair of Batman underwear during the present game and figured the best way to keep them from getting stolen was to put them on immediately. Luckily he put them on over his pants. Logan thought it was pretty cool and wanted to be an Underwear Superhero too.

Christmas morning started off with everyone meeting in Grandma and Grandpa's room to read the Christmas story out of the scriptures. We say we do this to remember the true meaning of Christmas but really we just do it to torture the kids. ;) J/K It's one of my favorite traditions of Christmas and helps us get in the right spirit for the day.
Jensen, Addi, Mom, Oakley, Lexi, and Kolton waiting "patiently" for everyone to get to G & G's room.

Getting their first look at the loot.

After we were done opening presents Grandma and Grandpa had another present for the kids to open. It had Mickey and Minnie ears for all the kids. G & G are taking us all to Disneyland in April!

We had another fantastic Christmas.

I wanted to add a couple of stories of Grandma Clessa so that I don't forget them. One of Matt's favorite Grandma treats is Honey Candy. She always makes sure she sets some aside for him. This year at Christmas she asked if he and the kids could come and help her make it because she wasn't strong enough to pull it anymore. Matt took the kids down on Christmas Eve afternoon and helped her make it. He is really grateful that he had the opportunity to spend that time with her and learn how to make it.
Grandma had been in the hospital in Nov. with pneumonia and had been having a hard time recovering fully. She always makes Christmas dinner for everyone but my mom told us that she wasn't up to it this year so we would just have dinner at my mom's house. Apparently someone forgot to tell Grandma though and she still made dinner for everyone.

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