Thursday, February 19, 2009

Anniversary and Valentine's Day

Can you believe Matt and I have been married for 16 years? Crazy! I don't know how it went by so fast. On Friday night (Feb. 13) we went out with Noelle and Trent to Tepanyaki for dinner and then we went to see He's Just Not That Into You. I thought the movie was pretty funny. On Saturday we just ran errands and got caught up on a few things. When we got home Matt made me chocolate dipped strawberries, YUMMY! I was going to make shrimp alfredo for dinner but we ran out of time so we ordered pizza instead. I saved the shrimp alfredo for Matt's birthday.

So in honor of 16 awesome years together here are my 16 favorite things about Matt.

1. He loves me more than anyone else and I know this without a doubt.

2. He puts up with my moods which is not easy to do.

3. He is always willing to do what I want and put his own wants aside (example: he wanted to go tubing last week for our date but I was a stinker and didn't want to go so he did what I wanted then he insisted that we go see He's Just Not That Into You because he said you have to see a chick flick on Valentine's Day. I even offered to go to something more exciting for him but he wouldn't hear of it).

4. He's a super hard worker and really cares about what he does.

5. He's always willing to help anyone.

6. He loves our kids and is a great dad.

7. He cares more about my feelings than his own, he hates it when he hurts me and it's never on purpose.

8. He knows how much I look forward to dates throughout the year (i.e. Valentine's Day, birthdays, etc.) and tries to make them special.

9. He helps out tons around the house. He's always willing to help with dinner, the kids homework, cleaning, whatever needs to be done.

10. When I have something in the evening and need him home he always makes sure he's home.

11. He's totally supportive of anything I want to do.

12. He loves me even when I'm fat, bossy, lazy, grouchy, etc.

13. He's willing to help with anything that I sign him up for, charter school stuff, church stuff, family stuff, whatever.

14. He loves my family and lets us spend whatever time with them I want.

15. He's an awesome kisser, and still makes my stomach flip-flop.

16. He's still a kid at heart.

I love you honey! Thanks for 16 great years!

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