Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter and Spring Break in Blanding

So we loaded up the suburban and headed down to Blanding for Easter. We usually go to Recapture Pockets the Saturday before Easter to picnic and hunt Easter eggs but since it was cold and rainy we went to the church instead. A lot of my mom's side and my dad's side of the family were there. It was great to see everyone and visit for awhile.

Of course we had tons of good food.

Gotta love Carter's plate of chips with a side of . . . chips:)

After everyone's bellies were full some of the Easter Bunny's helpers headed outside to hide some eggs.

Even though it was freezing cold the kids still had a great time finding the eggs.

The week after Easter was the kid's Spring Break so Matt and Kolton headed back to Payson to work and left the other kids and I in Blanding to spend the week.
Oakley, Logan, and Addi relaxing on the porch swing.

Trent and Noelle went to Cancun for the week and left Maxon and Scout at Grandma's for the week also.

Lexi loves Scout and is such a great babysitter.

Maxon and Jensen became best buddies.

Last week Grandma called to say that Ellie had puppies. She had four, 3 boys and 1 girl. The funny thing was that the next morning there were five. She had another boy during the night. Unfortunately the fifth puppy was a tiny one and he died:(

If anyone wants a puppy (Stephanie, ;) ;) let me know, they'll be ready in about 7 weeks:)

We're still in Blanding and will be until Sunday so stay tuned for more exciting posts!

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Jenn C. said...

I am jealous of the big family gathering for Easter - it looked like so much fun! Your kids are growing fast and they look like you. Have fun and we look forward to more fun posts! :)