Wednesday, March 6, 2013

8 is great!

Oakley turned 8! And lucky boy, he got to have 2 birthday parties! This one in Blanding with all the cousins. 

 Cute McCoy! Love this little man, he is such a sweetheart!

Panda Bear birthday cupcakes 

 I know he needed a haircut, but he's still stinkin' cute!

Then another party at home with friends.

 And more Panda Bear cupcakes!

The best part about turning 8 is getting baptized! Especially when your older brother gets to do it and you get baptized in a lake in Colorado!

 This is the same lake where Kolton was baptized. What an amazing experience for him to be able to baptize Oakley and in the same beautiful outdoor setting where he was baptized. It was such a great day!

I love these boys and I'm so proud of the example that Kolton is setting for Oakley!

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Danelle said...

That's so cool that they got baptized in the lake. I love that you're doing such a major updating of your blog!