Tuesday, March 5, 2013


For Christmas 2010 (I know I know I know I'm a little behind) Grandpa and Grandma Lyman gave the family a Disneyland vacation. So in April of 2011 we took off for Californ-I-A! We decided to go down a couple of days early and go to Sea World. We kidnapped Grandma and took her with us. 

We rode the rides.

We watched dolphin shows.

And of course our favorite, the Killer Whales!

And even got to hold starfish.
The next day everyone else made it to California and we headed to the beach. It was a little bit cool and quite windy but the kids still loved the sand and the water. 

We had a picnic on the beach.

We played in the water,

the sand, and the sun.

The kids and Josh buried Kolton in the sand.

The next day we headed to Disneyland. Noelle, Kristi, and Stacy made us awesome matching shirts! Our family was orange. I loved them because it was so easy to find my kids! From now on when we go to Disneyland expect to find us in bright, matching shirts!

It was beautiful weather! Perfect!

There was lots of waiting in lines, but they weren't too bad and when you have great company to wait with it's actually pretty fun!

Man I love these kids! And I sure do miss the big one in the middle!

By the end of day one everyone was pretty wiped out. Mission accomplished! :)

Day 2 of Disneyland was just as fun as day 1. Unfortunately we only had one set of matching shirts and it was a lot harder to keep track of my kids. Luckily I didn't lose any of them for long.

Heather and Noelle took the little girls to eat lunch at Ariel's Grotto. They got to meet all the princesses. 

Have you seen 3 cuter princesses anywhere?!

We all had a great time!

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Andrea CF said...

Such a good looking crew! Looks like ya'all had the funniest time! I think I may even seen Jensen smile! Teeth, I swear I saw teeth! It is so hard at that age (emmy) to show teeth!