Sunday, September 21, 2008

Let the fun begin!

On Friday, after food storage week was wrapped up we headed out to the Colorado cabin. Our husbands and kids, Stacy, Taylor, Deco and Kera all met us out there. There were 15 adults, 11 kids, and 8 dogs. We crammed as much fun as we possibly could into the three days that we were there. We four-wheelered (as Addi would say), we fished (no success however), we bear watched (actually we tree watched, the bears forgot to come), we rode horses, we read, we played in the mud, and anything else you can think of doing at Colorado we did. (For those of you who haven't been to our Colorado cabin, Colorado to us is our cabin not the state. In fact growing up when I would say we were going to Colorado people would ask "where in Colorado" and I always said "the cabin", DUH!). We also ate, A LOT! We all took turns doing meals so as soon as we would get one cleaned up it would be time to start the next one. We could have stayed for another week with all the food we had. But what's a vacation without lots of good food!

Is there anywhere more beautiful on earth?

Everyone loves four-wheelering.

Dad and Matt baiting bears.

A rousing game of SCUM!

PUPPIES! Livvy and Addi (with Avery in the middle) couldn't get enough of them.

Oakley with one of his best friends, Oreo.

Swimming at the lake.

Riding Grandma's new pets, Cody and Panda.

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Rani said...

Oh, my gosh! I can't show these pics to Spencer or he'll pack up the truck and we'll be on our way to Colorado! Great memories. You got some gorgeous pictures! Fun time with family!