Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Insignificant Six

1. I love a good massage. And no matter where I've been or how much I've paid I've never gotten a better massage than Matt can give!

2. I hate dry, rough, cracked, scaly, disgusting feet. Every day after I shower I lather my feet with lotion and put socks on.

3. I am anal about how I fill my dishwasher. I like the dishes a certain way. If they get put in the wrong way I change them.

4. I love my sleep. I am super grouchy if I don't get enough. I think I need at least 8 hours a night and 9 or 10 is ideal.

5. I love to read. Unfortunately with five kids I can't find time to finish books anymore so I read magazines. Matt teases me because sometimes it will still take me a month or more to finish flipping through a magazine and I don't even read every article!

6. Referring to #5, I finally took a couple of weeks and read the Twilight series because I was sick of hearing about it everywhere I went and wanted to see what all the hype was about. (Sidenote, my house was a mess, I didn't cook dinner and I ignored everyone around me to get them done, hence the reason I haven't read books lately.) I hated it. I guess it's not really fair to say I hated the Series but I definately HATE Bella! What a pansy! Give me a heroine who I want to succeed, not someone that I only read the whole series because I hoped she would DIE! Seriously, team Jacob or team Edward? I love them both and they both deserve better than Bella.

The only people who read my blog who haven't been tagged are Rani and Jenn, tag, you're it!


Heather said...

Hey Marilyn,

That is exciting you guys are going on the cruise. I bet it will be so much fun for you guys. I just wanted to say I have the same issue with dry feet and have found this lotion from and I love it. My feet stay soft forever. They also sell a great bath salt. I am glad you are blogging and love to check out your pictures.


Stacy and Tay said...

I think it's very bold for you to be so openly putting your #6 out there for everyone to read. I still love you but I just hope you don't start getting hate mail from the rest of the Twilight lovers in the world (and there are a lot of us!).