Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Graduation pics!

I know these are completely out of order but I forgot to do this post earlier and I love these pics so I wanted to show them off! I know I'm his mom and may be biased but dang he's good lookin'!!!

Family Pics

My amazing sister Noelle did our family pictures for us! I love how they turned out! And just FYI, the reason Kolton doesn't have individual pictures here is because Noelle had done his senior pictures a few months earlier, we didn't forget him. :)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Dirty Dash!

 So a week after I did the Wonder Woman Century with Kristi I did another kind of crazy thing and ran in the Dirty Dash. I did it with a couple of other employees of Anytime Fitness. It was muddy, wet, cold, hot, and crazy but also a lot of fun.

Me, Norma, and Taylor

 Huge water slides at the end of the course.

 Before you could cross the finish line there was one last big mud pit to go through. 

 Mud is great for the pores, right?!

Wonder Women!

Somehow I convinced Kristi to do something a little crazy with me. We signed up to do the Wonder Woman Century (it's just a short a 100 mile bike ride;). Not sure what possessed us but we signed up and started training all summer long. It's a good thing I've got a sister who is either as crazy as I am or loves me enough to not want me to suffer alone!
Race morning arrived!

 Admit it, we look tough!

 We both finished the race! Which is all we cared about! We weren't fast but we didn't die so that's what's important! I actually liked it well enough that I'd like to do it again sometime!

Not sure who this guy is supposed to be but he was hanging out at the finish line so we had to get a picture with him! :)

Another school year starts and another Labor Day weekend

Summer came and went and school started again. Luckily by the end of the summer the kids are mostly excited to go back to school. Of course after a week or two of homework they are ready for summer again. 

 My gorgeous girls! My 8th grader Jensen, my 10th grader Lexi, they are growing up too fast!

 My 3rd grader Oakley and 1st grader Addi. All my kids go to a full day of school now, no one left to hang out with mom at home. :(

Addi and Oakley both had awesome teachers!
 Addi with Ms Marsh

Oakley with Ms Grover

Shortly after school started we headed out to Colorado for our traditional family Labor Day weekend. I didn't get the camera out much so I only got a few pictures. 
Logan and Jensen

   Livvy leading Addi on Chiquita


Oakley even caught a fish!
He was so excited to take it to the cabin and eat it for dinner!

We had another great Labor Day!