Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bragging rights

I have to brag a little about two of the men in my life. Every Sunday Matt makes us homemade bread. And when I say Matt makes it I mean he makes it without any help from me. I'm usually taking a Sunday nap. He's figured out exactly what consistency the dough needs to be and it always turns out perfect! He even grinds wheat to use in it so it's healthy!

Two beautiful loaves ready to go in the oven.

Fresh and hot out of the oven. Can't you just smell it?!

We usually eat almost one entire loaf as soon as he makes it. Hot and buttery with strawberry freezer jam. YUMMY! The kids love to make baby sandwiches so he always makes several little loaves for them.

Then he slices it all up and puts it in bread bags so it's as easy to use as store bought bread. The only problem is that it's so yummy we go through it super fast. The kids even love it.
Who's husband really does this? Oh yeah, MINE!

Now for another little story. Last year when Kolton registered for his classes for this year he signed up for guitar. But when he got his schedule he was in choir because the school had decided not to offer guitar. He insisted that he was going to change classes. I convinced him it would be an easy A and he should try it for at least one term. The first week in choir his teacher asked him to be in the advanced men's choir. He swiched his schedule around so that he could be. He really enjoyed it and decided to try out for Chamber Choir, the highest choir at the school, for next year. After he tried out he told me he didn't think he made it because sophomores very seldom make it for their junior year. Well guess what, HE MADE IT!!! I'm so excited. If you make it into Chamber Choir then you have to be in Concert Choir so he'll be in two choirs next year. I think it'll be such a great experience for him. Only 1 other boy sophomore and 1 girl sophomore made it. What can I say, the men in my life ROCK!

Last night he had a choir concert. He had a short solo but didn't tell us so we were surprised to see it on the program. Here it is.


Jenn C. said...

Wow! You do have some great men right there in your house! Homemade bread - awesome. When I come to visit I would love to taste that.
Way to go Kolton! I can't get any of my kids really interested in choir - go figure? I am impressed with his voice. I know that all the girls love the guys that are in choir - smart move! Tell him good luck next year and have fun!

The Lymans said...

Way to go Matt & Kolton. You are both awesome!!!

Heather said...

I was surprised to see that Matt makes bread. That is awesome! I would love it if Randy cooked something like that, but I am pretty happy that he does the dishes since I cook. Nice compromise.

That's great that Kolten likes to sing. I think it is a wonderful talent to have. Get ready to sing in sacrament a couple times a year!

Janice said...

Okay, I've been begging but Jory still hasn't baked me anything. Way to go Kolton!